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What Is A PEO?

A professional employer organization (PEO) is the most comprehensive payroll & HR solution available to business owners. In this model, the PEO (that’s us!) establishes a co-employment relationship with your employees that limits your liability while also providing access to group health plans and insurance that you might not otherwise be able to afford. What’s more, we offer all of this under one roof so you have a true partner committed to your long-term growth. 

Customized Solutions Based on Industry

Every industry has different quirks that deserve special attention. From specific insurance coverage to advanced people management capabilities, we build a PEO model that helps you thrive in your industry, not a generic plug-and-play package. 

All the Benefits Without the Hassle

While it’s certainly possible to source your own benefits, hire outside HR expertise, ensure your business has the insurance coverage it needs, and pay your people through multiple solutions, it oftentimes results in a big, expensive mess. With Comploy PEO, you get access to everything you need without doing the work yourself. 

Your Best Interest At Heart

In everything we do, we promise to customize a solution that's best for your needs, not our narrative. PEOs offer the most flexibility in terms of benefits offerings and insurance coverage to allow us to do exactly that. Plus, we share liability, meaning your best interests become our best interests!

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What Does Comploy PEO Include?

One of the most important things to understand within a PEO is the idea of co-employment. Many business owners are under the incorrect assumption that this gives us power to come into your business and take over operations, day-to-day activities, and business decisions. This isn’t the case! Instead, co-employment simply allows us to perform administrative duties and share liability to protect your business.

Given the collective size of our PEO, we’re able to provide access to competitive health plans at an affordable rate. This means you get to show your team just how much they matter to you without breaking the bank.

We provide workers’ compensation coverage and handle claims administration to keep you protected without adding additional duties to your plate.

It might seem like a simple task, but processing payroll timely and accurately is crucial for employee satisfaction and legal concerns. Work with a dedicated Account Manager to ensure everything related to payroll is accounted for.

Get all the support of a complete HR team in one! Prevent yourself from risk exposure and instead let our team handle everything related to HR compliance, guidance, and support. We’re always up to date on federal and state employment laws, helping you stay ahead of issues before they arise.

Tie everything together with intuitive HR and people management technology. Whether you’re looking for streamlined onboarding, employee self-service, talent management solutions, or a suite of other capabilities, we work together with you and your team to use technology to its full capabilities.

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