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Construction Payroll & HR Services You Won't Outgrow

Payroll, HR, insurance, and benefits designed specifically for contractors

A Curated Approach to Payroll & HR

From the hours spent stressing over worker safety and maintaining labor law compliance to finding certified payroll and accurate time keeping solutions, there are countless nuances that go into running a construction company. Unfortunately, very few payroll and HR providers understand these requirements and instead offer blanket solutions that don't meet your needs.

We're here to change that! We know you're looking for a comprehensive solution that helps you pay your people, recruit qualified workers, manage workers' compensation costs, and more. That's why we built an in-house team of experts in all things construction payroll and HR to take this off your plate! 

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What Can You Expect With Comploy for Construction

Whether you’re new to the industry or manage hundreds of workers across multiples sites, you deserve a payroll & HR solution designed around the construction industry.

Stay compliant on federally funded projects with certified payroll reporting

Track costs and revenues by job and distribute labor accordingly

Custom protection plans built for the construction industry, including workers' compensation, general liability, and builder's risk.

Curated benefits packages complete with the technology to make enrollment and management a breeze for your workers.

Receive a completely in-house, customized solution fit to your unique needs in construction.

Built for Commercial & Multi-Family Contractors

How can I manage hundreds of employees working across multiple sites quickly and accurately? I'm tired of manually trying to determine the profitability of jobs and allocate my workers accordingly. And what about tracking expenses, making sure my workers clock-in at the right location, and all the other difficulties of people management?

How Comploy Helps

No matter what your unique circumstances are, our solutions are built around you. From reliable HR outsourcing and multiple payroll categories to expense management and geofenced timekeeping, we build something that works for you.

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Built for Residential Contractors

“I need to support my small team and stay compliant with health and safety requirements, but I just don't have the time to keep handling every administrative task under the sun. Every time I try to find payroll & HR support, it's only tailored to the big guys OR lacks the firepower I need. Isn't there a happy medium?

How Comploy Helps

Yes! Our customized solutions scale with you. Today, you get a solution built to solve your biggest administrative headaches as a small business owner. As you take on more projects and hire more subcontractors, we work with you to revamp your solutions to fit your growing needs.

Built for Federally Funded Projects

“There are so many additional things I have to keep in mind for federal projects, but I can't find a payroll & HR partner that recognizes these nuances. Certified payroll reporting, state-to-state compliance concerns, dealing with government employees — the list goes on and on!"

How Comploy Helps

Whether you're strictly a government contractor or working on a separate federally funded project, we're here to provide the protection you need. We offer certified payroll reporting, easy-to-use applicant tracking technology, and other solutions to make your project a breeze.

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Our Process

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Needs Analysis

No two construction companies are the same, so why should you be squeezed into pre-made packages that don’t fit your exact needs? Our relationship starts with a needs analysis so we can understand your current situation, dream about your future, and construct a plan to make it happen. 

Step 2


Our implementation extraordinaires work quickly to educate you and your team on our technology so you don’t miss a beat. From advanced scheduling and geofenced time keeping to streamlined onboarding and benefits elections, we get you up and running as soon as possible. 

Step 3

Ongoing Support

We know questions and needs will arise throughout our relationship, and we welcome them! With years of experience working in the construction industry, our account managers are ready to solve any problems you experience along the way. 

Step 4

Scalable Solutions

The best suite of services for your needs today might not be the same in a couple years as hire more contractors and work on more sites. From expanded workers' compensation coverage to updated benefits, we recognize that your needs will change over time. That’s why we design our relationship with this in mind to continuously offer solutions that help you accomplish your next goal. 

The One-Stop Shop for All Things Payroll & HR

Ready to remove the burden of payroll & HR from your plate. Get started with a needs analysis with our team today!