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Reliable Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

The payment processing solution customized for high-risk industries

Accepting Payments Should Be Easy

Say Goodbye to Outages and Cash Dependency

As the cannabis industry evolves, retailers deserve a payment solution they can rely on. From cashless ATM outages to dangerous, inconvenient cash-only operations, cannabis businesses face too many hurdles when it comes to something that should be simple. We’re here to change that forever with the most reliable, compliant cannabis payment processing solution yet. 

Reduce Cash Dependency

Our cashless alternatives use multiple PIN debit networks to process sales easily at the point-of-purchase without masking purchases as ATM transactions. 

Eliminate Outages

While many solutions are prone to outages and shutdowns, we eliminate that threat by using a regional debit network approach so you can always accept payments.

Scale for the Future

Our solution is built with the future in mind, meaning that when the industry becomes recognized federally, you can enable credit card payments with the click of a button  

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What Makes Comploy Unique?

If you’ve been burned by payment solutions in the past, we want to make a couple things clear. 

We don't hide or alter merchant IDs throughout the process and are proud to work with cannabis-friendly banks and processors.

We make it easy to purchase or rent equipment that can be used in-store or curbside depending on your operations

We work with you to complete your application, sign the paperwork, and install your equipment so you can get up and running in no time.

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