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Put the Power in Your Employees’ Hands

Self-service technology that removes you from day-to-day tasks

Get Back to What Matters

Manage Your Business, Not Timecards

Business owners, high-performing executives, and HR leaders all have one thing in common: there’s too much on your plate! We make it possible to clear your plate of the administrative, time-consuming tasks that limit your potential by instead giving your team members the ability to accomplish these tasks themselves. 

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What Does Employee Self-Service Look Like?

Build simple workflows that employees can use to accomplish everything related to time & attendance, including punch-ins, PTO, overtime, scheduling, and more. Plus, with mobile capabilities and geofencing, you can make it easier than ever to manage time & attendance while ensuring timecards are accurate to your location. 

Rather than tracking down and sending individual paystubs and tax documents, you can give employees the tools they need to access this information anywhere, anytime. Reducing your administrative duties while giving employees information they need on their own time? It’s a win-win. 

The days of clunky, manual employee onboarding are over! Streamline and capture new hire information, eliminate paper forms with built-in 1-9 processing and electronic signatures, and begin any new-hire training requirements all before their first day so they can hit the ground running. 

If you’re still tracking employee information manually and updating that information during major life events  address changes, dependent updates, marriage — it’s time for a new solution. isolved self-service removes this from your plate and instead allows employees to update their personal information. 

Turn expense reporting from a tedious, time-consuming task into a collaborative effort between HR and your team. Employees can create new expense reports, access pending reports, and track progress from anywhere. Meanwhile, you gain a comprehensive, in-depth look at all expense reports from one location. 

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